Zoodochos Pigi (Life-giving Font) (Kavoussi)

The Byzantine church of the Life-Giving Font dates back to the 14th century. It is a small arch-covered church, though its murals are largely destroyed. Of particular interest are the depictions of the Akathist Hymn.


Church of Kato Panagia (Lower Mother Mary) (Anatoli)

An arch-covered Byzantine church dedicated to the Dormition of Mother Mary. Its striking murals are quite well preserved.


St. Quiricus (Agios Kirikos or Ai Kirkos) at Lissos

About 3 km west of Sougia the city of Lissos flourished in Hellenistic and Roman years, until the early Byzantine period; there are traces of two basilicas that must have been built in these periods. The church of Mother Mary (Panagia) is built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica. The same is true […]


Churches at Kakodiki

In this hamlet, which has probably existed since the 14th century, there is a church dedicated to Archangel Michael with mural icons and an inscription dating from 1420 and a church dedicated to Saint Isidore, near the neighbouring hamlet of Tzeneliana, again with mural decorations dating back to 1420.


Panagia Karydiou (Mother Mary of Karydi) Monastery

The monastery is built at an altitude of 750 metres, on a spot that affords it a spectacular view. It serves as a glebe of Panagia Faneromeni Monastery, and its catholicon is dedicated to the Life-Giving Font (originally, it was dedicated to the Nativity of Mary). It was renovated in 1839, but none of its […]


Holy Monastery of the All – Holy Virgin Vryomeni [‘The Abundant’] at Meseleroi

Even though the exact date of the foundation of the monastery is unknown, its function is witnessed already from the 16th century while the catholicon of the early 15th century shows the use of the space from the late Byzantine period. The monastery is built on a rocky outcrop, east of the settlement of Meseleroi, […]


Christ the Saviour of Pano Karkasa

The church of the Saviour Christ, entirely covered in wall paintings, that is located to the southwest of the village of Anatoli at a distance of around five kilometres, was the catholicon of a male monastery. Its location in the immediate vicinity of the Monastery of the Holy Apostles as well as the fact that […]


Holy Apostles at Kato Karkasa

The church of the Holy Apostles which is located to the south of the settlement of Anatoli was the catholicon of a small, female monastic complex, from which very few ruins survive to the south of the church. The monastery of Karkasia, as it is referred to in the sources of the end of the […]


Holy Monastery of Kapsas

The monastery of Kapsas is located in the southerneast corner of Crete, on the west side of the exit from the gorge of Pervolakia towards the sea. Even though the date of its foundation is unknown to us, the existence of wall painting decoration, possibly of the 13th–14th centuries, in the aisle of St. John […]


Panagia Faneromeni (Our Lady Revealed) Monastery

Built just inside Agioi Pantes (All Saints) Canyon on Cape Trachilas, the monastery has exquisite views of the sea. Particularly noteworthy are the caves that riddle the canyon and which were once used by the monastery’s hermits. The monastery was founded in the 13th century and was renovated in 1620. Between 1870 and 1901 it […]