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The church of the Saviour Christ, entirely covered in wall paintings, that is located to the southwest of the village of Anatoli at a distance of around five kilometres, was the catholicon of a male monastery. Its location in the immediate vicinity of the Monastery of the Holy Apostles as well as the fact that they both have the common eponym of the Monastery of Karkasia in the sources, indicates that both probably had a dependent ­relationship. Only the single-nave catholicon survives ­today from the monastery since the buildings to the west and north are more recent constructions of residence of the farmers who cultivated monastic dependency fields in the 20th century. The wall painting decoration of the church of the late 14th century has the usual scenes from the Christological cycle, with the Deesis on the semi-dome and the Second Coming dominating the other ­representations. The scene with the Righteous Abraham in Paradise stands out from the latter because of its white background, which accentuates that the scene is not taking place on earth but in heaven.