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The Metropolis was founded quite recently, in 2001, and covers that majority of Pediada province, essentially comprising various sections of the Metropolises of Petra, Arcadia and Gortyna. The Metropolis of Arkalochori, Kastelli and Viannos includes numerous important monasteries, such as those of Agia Marina in Voni and of Agios Antonios in Arvi. It is seated in Arkalochori, with its three-aisled Metropolitan church dedicated to Saint Andrew, Saint Matthias and the Three Hierarchs. It is headed by Metropolitan Andrew (Nanakis), whose work has elevated the Metropolis, which has erected several facilities in order to contribute to the entire region. In 2009, the cultural multi-centre of the Metropolis was inaugurated, aiming at housing schools of hagiography, Byzantine music and charitable actions.