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The Metropolis comprises the former provinces of Agios Vaseilios, Amari and Sfakia. In other words, it covers a part of the city of Rethymnon and a part of the city of Chania.

The Diocese of Syvritos, as confirmed by documents, had Bishops as early as the Early Christian Period, at the site of the ancient city, present-day Amari Throne [Thronos Amariou], Reference to the diocese is also made in the document entitled ‘Synodiko Syvritou’. The period of Arab rule was harmful for these specific dioceses, but during Venetian rule the dioceses maintained their independence, except for that of St. Basil (Agios Vasileios), which was annexed by the Diocese of Kalamon. However, when the Ottomans occupied the island, there was a radical restructuring of the church and the Diocese of Lambi was created at that time. The union of Dioceses took place in the 19th century and, in 1962, the Ecumenical Partriarchate raised it to the status of the Diocese of Lambi, Syvritos and Sfakia.

Irenaios is its present-day bishop with 78 parishes, 5 Monasteries and 86 priests under his jurisdiction.