Agia Ypakoe (Holy Obedience) Monastery (Sykologos)

During Saracen raids, the residents of the area hid in a cave beside the ruins of Agia Ypakoe Monastery. The monastery was completely destroyed and has not been active since then. According to tradition, after its destruction, one of its monks founded Panagia Keralimeniotissa Monastery in Faflagos.


Prokopiou (St. Procopius) Monastery (Kalami)

The broader region of the hamlet of Kalami includes traces of Prokopios Monastery, where the village residents were slaughtered by Saracens. The Monastery has not been active since then.


Panagia Keralimeniotissa (Our Lady of the Harbours) Monastery (Faflagos)

Panagia Keralimeniotissa Monastery, dedicated to the Dormition of Mother Mary, is situated deep within Faflagos valley. According to tradition, it was built by monks from Agios Prokopios (St. Procopius) Monastery, who were forced to abandon it when it was destroyed by Saracens. When they later returned to the Monastery, they brought gifts to the Virgin […]


Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius) Monastery (Kastri, Chondros)

At the site of the Church of Agios Dimitrios, there was a monastery that was destroyed by the Ottomans. According to tradition, its monks found refuge at Apezanes Monastery, after hiding the valuable religious utensils and relics at remote locations throughout the region. The Byzantine mural-adorned chapel of Agios Dimitrios must have served as the […]


Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) Monastery (Arvi)

Agios Antonios Monastery was founded around 1880 by the monk Artemios. According to tradition, Artemios initially selected the exit of Arvi canyon, where the temple of Arvios Zeus was located, as the location for the Monastery, but later moved higher up, on the eastern foothills, where he built the first cells of the Monastery. The […]


Agia Moni (Holy Monastery) of Viannos Convent

Agia Moni, a convent dedicated to the Dormition of Mother Mary, is located at the exit of Afrati canyon. According to tradition, it was built by three Cypriot nuns, who initially built the church of Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius) in Keratokambos. The monastery operated until 1842 but was deserted from 1842 to 1865. On August […]


Church of Panagia (Mother Mary) / Church of Agia Ekaterini (St. Catherine) (Ano Viannos)

The hamlet of Ano Viannos is home to many important churches, including the church of Panagia i Liontarini (Mother Mary of the Lion), where, according to tradition, there was an artful Venetian marble lion, and the 14th century church of Agia Ekaterini (built in 1360) with well-preserved murals.


Panagia (Mother Mary) of Detis (milliarado)

South of Embaros, on a hillside called ‘Detis’ by the locals, lies the pilgrimage of Panagia. It is a small cavernous church built in a crack within the rock, where, according to tradition, the icon of the Virgin Mary that left the church of ‘Kato Kera’ in order to escape the Ottomans is located.


Church of Sotiras Christos (Christ the Redeemer) (Kassani)

The Kassani region includes many churches of the Late Byzantine era with noteworthy murals. One of these is the church of Sotiras Christos, at the village centre, beside the old fountain. The surviving murals depict the Birth, the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, the Baptism of Jesus, the Last Supper, etc.


Church of Zoodochos Pigi (Life-Giving Font) (Avli)

The old, stone-built church of Zoodochos Pigi, of exceptional architectural interest, is located deep within a small valley and its feast day is on the first Friday after Easter.