From Chania to Agia Triada and Guverneto

  • Stars at: Chania
  • Finishes at: Gkouberneto

Akrotiri (Promontory), a short distance from Chania, is of particular interest for religious tourism, because the most important monasteries which still are active are situated there. They are excellent in every aspect of their function and combine the man-made with the natural environment in the most balanced manner. As we leave Chania behind, we go […]

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From Siteia to Ziros and Moni Kapsa

  • Stars at: Ieros naos agias triados kai panagias (sfaka)
  • Finishes at: Ieros naos agiou antoniou (koutsouras)

Setting off from the village Sfaka, where we will visit the churches of Agia Triada-Koimisi tis Theotokou and Timios Stavros, we will head east to Faneromeni Monastery at Trahilas, in the region of Skopi. In Siteia, we will visit the Church of Agia Ekaterini and continue east to the famed Panagia Akrotiriani and Agios Ioannis […]

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From Ierapetra to Malles and Pano Simi

  • Stars at: Iera moni faneromenis ierapetras
  • Finishes at: Ieros naos agiou georgiou (epano sumi)

West of the ancient settlement of Gournia lies the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni (Our Lady Revealed), whilst the Church of Agios Georgios, adorned with murals, is located in Assari, just to the south. We will visit the churches of Agios Georgios, Agioi Apostoloi and Zoodohos Pigi in the picturesque village of Kavoussi, to admire their […]

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From Avdou to Lassithi Plateau and Mallia

  • Stars at: Abdou
  • Finishes at: Malia

Starting in Chersonissos, the historical seat of the Diocese of Cherronisos, we will visit the Early Christian monuments in the area, the Early Christian church of Agios Nikolaos, the Early Christian church of Kastri, the Early Christian church of Piskopianos, Agios Georgios and the church of Agios Ioannis in Upper Chersonissos. Following the road leading […]

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From Elounda to Neapolis and Kritsa

  • Stars at: Elounta
  • Finishes at: Kritsa

Starting in the city of Agios Nikolaos and having visited the churches of the Vrefotrofos and Agios Nikolaos in the cove, we will follow the route to Elounda, where we will visit the Early Christian Basilica. Leaving behind the picturesque gulf of Elounda, with the Venetian castle of Spinalonga, we will head north to Skinias, […]

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Route of the city and the area around Agios Nikolaos

  • Stars at: Agios nikolaos
  • Finishes at: Agios nikolaos

The capital of the Prefecture of Lassithi is built around the small lake of Voulismeni. It has a wonderful view of the Gulf of Mirabella and retains its picturesque character. It combines an insular character with its Cretan identity and offers a charm that disarms visitors. The warmth and hospitality of its citizens have made […]

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From Kastelli to Embaros to Agios Antonios of Arvi Monastery

  • Stars at: Kastelli
  • Finishes at: Moni agiou antoniou arbis

Heading from the Peninsula to the Karouzana area, we will visit the 10th century church of Agios Panteleimon. The Timiou Stavrou Kallergi Monastery is located west of Kastelli. We will head south to the plains and, after seeing the Church of Agios Ioannis in Liliano, we will visit the Church of Zoodochos Pigi in Avli […]

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From Agia Marina of Voni Convent to Arkalochori to Agios Nikitas of Achentria

  • Stars at: Moni agias marinas bonis
  • Finishes at: Agios nikitas achentria

We begin in the village of Agies Paraskies, where the churches of Agia Paraskevi and Agia Zoni are located. After worshipping at Agia Marina Convent in the village of Voni, we will visit the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos – Michail Archangelos in Drakonero. Heading southwards, after passing through the village Archontiko, featuring the church […]

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From Vrontisi to Kaliviani Convent and Hodegetria Monastery

  • Stars at: Brontisi
  • Finishes at: Moni odigitrias

Starting in Moires and heading north along the road to Zaros, we come to Panagia ton Angelon (Virgin Mary of the Angels) at the now-deserted hamlet of Fradio and the Church of Panagia Kyrmousi slightly north of Moroni, near the village of Makres. After visiting the Church of Panagia in the village of the same […]

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From Gortyna to Koudoumas Monastery and Apezanes Monastery

  • Stars at: Gortuna
  • Finishes at: Moni apezanon

Starting in Moires, where the Information Centre of the Holy Metropolis of Gortyna and Arcadia is located, we will visit ancient Gortyna, where some of the most important Early Christian monuments of Crete can be found. The church of Agios Titos within the archaeological site of Gortyna and the enormous Early Christian Basilica before the […]

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From Agios Myronas to Agia Irene Kroussona and Paliani Monastery

  • Stars at: Agios muronas
  • Finishes at: Moni palianis

Starting in Heraklion, we follow the road that traverses the hilly region full of vineyards to the village of Agios Myronas, where we will worship at Spileon Askisseos tou Agiou Myronos (Cave of Agios Myronas’ Ascesis), and after worshipping at the Church of Panagia Chryssopigis, we head on to the mountainous area of Assites village […]

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From Kera Eleoussa to Agarathos Monastery and Epanosifis monastery

  • Stars at: Kera eleousa
  • Finishes at: Moni epanosifi

East of Heraklion, in the Gouves area, we follow the road south to Kera Eleoussa Monastery, which is situated on a hill near Voritsi village and is a glebe of Agarathos Monastery. We continue to the southwest, traversing the Galifa hamlet to Episkopi, with its numerous Byzantine churches, the most remarkable of which is the […]

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Route of the City of Heraklion

  • Stars at: Irakleio
  • Finishes at: Irakleio

Heraklion, the capital and most important commercial and economic centre of the island, has all the characteristics of a major city moving at a modern pace. From a small harbour of Minoan Knossos, it was elevated in the 16th century into the most important Venetian port in the Eastern Mediterranean, acquiring strong fortifications that survive […]

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From Agios Konstantinos to Argyroupolis to Myriokefala

  • Stars at: Agios konstantinos
  • Finishes at: Muriokefala

From Rethymno, we follow the road to the south-west towards Agios Konstantinos, where the Church of Agios Konstantinos and Eleni is located, before visiting the Church of Agis Georgios in Artos. At the traditional hamlet of Rustika, we will visit the Church of Panagia and the Monastery of Profitis Elias, before visiting the picturesque village […]

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From Bali to Vossakos to Anogia

  • Stars at: Mpali
  • Finishes at: Anogeia

Following the Rethymno – Heraklion national road, we will visit the Bali region, featuring the Church of Panagia Harakiani and the Atalli – Bali Monastery. Returning to Panormo, we will visit the ruins of the Early Christian Basilica and then head towards Episkopi to visit the Church of Agios Ioannis. Following the beautiful valley of […]

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From Chromonastiri to Arkadi and Eleftherna

  • Stars at: Chromonastiri
  • Finishes at: Eleutherna

Starting at the Monastery of Agia Irene in Rethymno, we head to Roussospiti, a village where we will visit the Church of the Virgin Mary, and to Chromonastiri, to a nearby picturesque village to visit the Churches of Agios Eftichios and Panagia Kera. Leaving behind the hilly hinterland filled with olive trees, we head north […]

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Route of the City of Rethymnon

  • Stars at: Rethumno
  • Finishes at: Rethumno

Rethymnon is the third largest city on the island after Heraklion and Chania, with an intense Medieval-Renaissance atmosphere in its old historic district located beneath the walls of its sleepless protector, the Venetian citadel of Fortezza. With Minoan roots, the city has been known by the same name throughout history. However, Rethymno is better known […]

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From Prevelis to Sfakia to Askyphos

  • Stars at: Prebeli
  • Finishes at: Askufou

Setting out south from Rethymnon the road leads to the narrow pass of the Kourtalis Gorge [Kourtaliotiko farangi], with the small church of St. Nicholas the Kourtaliot. At the other end of the imposing gorge visitors face one of the most beautiful parts of Crete, i.e. the valley of the Kourtaliotis River and the coastal […]

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From Thronos to Agia Galin to Spili

  • Stars at: Rethumno
  • Finishes at: Spili

Setting out from Rethymnon, the trip takes us to the beautiful valley of the Rivers [Koilada ton Potamon], where there is the Dam of the same name and the magnificent Patsos Gorge; at the southern entrance to the gorge visitors can find the cave Church of St. Anthony. In the village of Patsos there is […]

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From Aptera to Kalyves to Kournas

  • Stars at: Aptera
  • Finishes at: Kournas

The region of Apokoronos is not only one of the most beautiful on Crete, but has also preserved a significant number of ecclesiastical monuments, many of which have been developed and are open to the public. Travelling east from Chania, leaving the National Road, visitors can reach Aptera, where, among the ruins of the ancient […]

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From Chania to Meskla to Therissos

  • Stars at: Chania
  • Finishes at: Therissos

Some of the most important religious monuments are to be found west of the city of Chania, on the fertile plains; the tour combines natural beauty spots, wandering through the orange orchards and olive groves of the region. At Agia, with the small quaint lake, one can visit the Church of the Dormition (Koimisi tis […]

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The City of Chania

  • Stars at: Chania
  • Finishes at: Chrusopigi

Chania is the second biggest city on Crete, situated where the most extensive and long-lived Minoan settlement, namely Kydonia, used to be located. The city is built around the elevation where the ancient city stood; today it preserves its medieval character and is justifiably considered to be the most beautiful city on the island. It […]

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From Kolymbari to Kantanos and Sougia

  • Stars at: Kolumpari
  • Finishes at: Sougia

At the west end of the Gulf of Chania, after the residential hamlet of Tavronitis, further east from Kolymbari, the road travels south, parallel to the course of the River Tavronitis. It goes through a luscious rural landscape and after the village of Voukolies, it starts climbing the hills until the historic village of Kantanos, […]

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From Kolymbari to Elos and Chrysoskalitissa

  • Stars at: Kolumpari
  • Finishes at: chrusoskalitissa

An inestimable treasure of churches, rural chapels, monasteries and ecclesiastical museums is scattered throughout the territory of Kissamos. Following the new Chania-Kissamos national road, visitors arrive in the quaint town of Kolymbari; this is where the historic Monastery of Panagia Gonias and the Orthodox Academy of Crete are situated. Travelling south into the hinterland, the […]

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