Some of the most important religious monuments are to be found west of the city of Chania, on the fertile plains; the tour combines natural beauty spots, wandering through the orange orchards and olive groves of the region.

At Agia, with the small quaint lake, one can visit the Church of the Dormition (Koimisi tis Theotokou) and further south, at Alikianos, the Church of the Life-giving Font/Font (Zoodochos Pigi).

Crossing south through the lovely orange orchard valley one reaches Meskla, where the church of Christ the Saviour (Soter) stands.

Following the mountainous road southeast, after the village of Zourvas visitors can access the deepest part of the impressive gorge of Therissos, where the village of the same name lies, scattered with small, picturesque chapels.

The village is associated with Venizelos’ Revolt in 1905, which led to the abdication of Prince Georgios and, consequently, the Union of Crete with Greece (1913).