East of Heraklion, in the Gouves area, we follow the road south to Kera Eleoussa Monastery, which is situated on a hill near Voritsi village and is a glebe of Agarathos Monastery.

We continue to the southwest, traversing the Galifa hamlet to Episkopi, with its numerous Byzantine churches, the most remarkable of which is the church of Agios Minas.

We will then visit the interesting Reliquary of the Monastery of the Dormition of Mother Mary or Agarathos Monastery, before moving on to the Peza area, where we will follow the route to Houdetsi. The Holy Sinaitic Monastery of Panagia Spileotissa is located on the hillside of the verdant valley, just before the hamlet.

We head southwards to Agios Georgios Epanosifis Monastery, which includes a museum featuring important relics.

We will return to Heraklion after visiting the noteworthy traditional hamlet of Archanes and Mount Yiouhtas, at the peak of which is the church of Afentis Christos.