Agios Eftichios (St. Eutychius) (Chromonastiri)

This is an 11th century Byzantine church, as its murals testify. It was originally a single-aisled cruciform church, but received various additions over time, resulting in four smaller rooms around its central aisle at present. Agios Eftichios is the only church on Crete with five spaces. The murals were painted by Ioannis Xenos.


Church of Panagia (Mother Mary) (Roussospiti)

This is a 14th century single-space basilica that served as the first parish church of Roussospiti. It was converted into a café in 1896 by the Ottomans. During its recent restoration, Christian and Muslim tombs were discovered in its courtyard, meaning that it also served as the first cemetery of the village. The church features […]


Agios Theodoros Trichinas (St. Theodore the Hair-Shirt Wearer) (Rethymno)

A single-spaced domed chapel situated between the ramparts of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Pavlos within the Venetian citadel of Fortezza. It was inaugurated in 1899 by the Russian commander of the occupation forces of Rethymno, but the building was possibly the result of repairs to an older, pre-existing Venetian church.


Kyria ton Aggelon (Lady of the Angels) (Rethymno)

The church of the ‘Lady of the Angels’ is also known as ‘Mikri Panagia’ (‘Little Virgin Mary’), in contrast to the ‘Megali Panagia’ (‘Large Virgin Mary’), i.e. the metropolitan church. It was built in the late years of the era of Venetian rule and was dedicated to Mary Magdalene.


Agia Varvara (St. Barbara) (Rethymno)

The church of Agia Varvara is built in the architectural style of free cross with dome. It was erected in 1885 at the site of an older church dating back to 1663, which was also dedicated to Saint Barbara, the patron saint of Rethymno. During the Ottoman era, the church was converted into a bathhouse […]


Eisodia Theotokou (Presentation of the Virgin Mary) (Rethymno)

The metropolitan church of Rethymno is dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. The church was erected over three periods. During the era of Venetian rule, there was a small church at this site; in 1844, it was demolished and a larger one was erected at its location. Its present-day form is a three-aisled […]


Tesseris Martyres (Four Martyrs) (Rethymno)

This church is dedicated to the local New Martyrs Aggelis, Manouil, Georgios and Nikolaos, who were martyred in 1824 and recognised by local society as protectors of the city. Two other churches pre-existed at the site of the present-day church, but were demolished. The present-day church was constructed in 1975 in the three-aisled arch-covered style, […]


Antifonitria (She Who Retorts) Monastery

The Church of Panagia ton Myriokefalon in the village of Myriokefala served as the catholicon of the Monastery of Panagia Antifonitria, dating back to the 11th century, which has not survived. The Monastery was built by Ossios Ioannis Xenos and remained in operation until the early 20th century. Apart from the catholicon, the remaining buildings […]


Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) Monastery

Profitis Ilias Monastery is located on rocky, elevated terrain near the village Roustika. The monastery was built during the era of Venetian rule and belongs to the citadel style of architecture, with its catholicon being a three-aisled domed basilica dedicated to the Prophet Eli, the Holy Trinity and the Holy Cincture. The catholicon contains a […]


Halepa Monastery

Halepa Monastery was founded at the end of the era of Venetian rule and, according to documents dating back to 1555, it owned a significant amount of property. Inside the Monastery, there is a fountain, a stable, as well as workshops. The founder, according to an inscription at the Monastery, was Ieremias Sgouros in 1637. […]