Agios Ioannis (St. John) (Axos)

Built on the ruins of an older basilica, the church of Saint John is situated in the cemetery of Axos. The church stands out for its well-preserved murals and its impressive mosaic. The most remarkable of its murals could be the one depicting scenes from hell.


Agios Athanassios Patelaros (St. Athanassius Patelaros) (Axos)

This is the most recent church in Axos. It was built in 2008 and was dedicated to Saint Athanassios Patelaros, who was born in Axos in 1590. He studied Ancient Greek, Philosophy, Theology, Latin and Italian and became a monk after the death of his father. In 1620, he became Archbishop of Thessaloniki and in […]


Agia Marina (St. Marina) (Halepa)

The chapel of Saint Marina is just 300 metres from Halepa Monastery. It bears the coat of arms of the Kallergis family, one of the most powerful families of the Venetian era that enjoyed unique privileges. The church contains many well-preserved murals.


Agios Georgios (St. George) (Heliana)

The Byzantine church of Saint George is located in the cemetery of Heliana, just outside the village. According to the carved inscription, the church was built in 1319. The surviving murals are in quite good condition, the most remarkable being that of Patriarch Nikolaos.


Agios Ioannis (St. John) (Episkopi)

The Byzantine basilica of Saint John in Episkopi was likely built on the ruins of an Early Christian Basilica. It is a wooden-roofed, three-aisled basilica that was built in the domed cruciform style after being destroyed in 1303. The surviving murals date back to the 14th century.


Early Christian Basilica (Panormo)

This is the largest Early Christian Basilica on Crete and is dedicated to Agia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). Architecturally speaking, it is a wooden-roofed basilica with a T-shaped transept, a total length of 54 metres and a total width of 23 metres. The basilica dates back to the 5th century and seems to have been in […]


Early Christian Basilica (Eleftherna)

Recent excavations at Pyrgi brought to light a three-aisled Early Christian Basilica built in Ancient Eleftherna. The three aisled and the narthex have been fully revealed, while the mosaic floors with geometrical shapes and plant décor are visible. The walls of the basilica and the pillars supporting the interior arcades were decorated with tiles placed […]


Koimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of Mother Mary) (Kyrianna)

The Byzantine church of the Dormition of Mother Mary is located at the centre of Kyrianna. It is an arch-covered cruciform domed church with a large narthex, dating back to the 11th century. During the early years of the era of Ventian rule, the church was expanded to the west, where doors were added with […]


Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius) (Agios Dimitrios)

The village was named after the Byzantine church of Saint Demetrius located in its northwest district. It is a cross-in-square domed church dating back to the 11th century and its stand-out features are its tall arches, arced openings and blind arches in its dome. The mural of Saint Tryfonas stands out among the surviving murals.


Panagia Kera (Our Lady) (Chromonastiri)

Panagia Kera is an 11th century cruciform Byzantine church with a cylindrical dome and narthex that is higher than its central part. Its murals date back to two periods (11th & 14th century), although few of the 11th century murals survive. The most important is the large icon of the Virgin Mary.