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Τhe twin-naved church, dedicated to the Transfiguration and the Holy Spirit, is located in the small plateau of Limnakaro close to the plateau of Lasithi at an ­elevation of 1130 metres. It is the only church of the Lasithi plateau with mural paintings of the Venetian period, a fact that is contrary to the sources which testify to the forced desertion of the plateau during the period 1293–1463. The original cross-vaulted church received ­successive interventions during the passage of the centuries which altered its form, with the main one, in 1875, of the addition of the north nave dedicated to the Holy Spirit. At the end of the 20th century, extensive restoration work gave the south original nave its former shape while, at the same time, the partially surviving mural painting ­decoration, possibly from the first half of the 14th century, was revealed and preserved. Apart from the usual scenes of the Gospel cycle, the representation with the donors holding the simulacrum of the church is of interest.