All – Holy Virgin the Galatiani at Malia

Τhe three-aisled church of the All-Holy Virgin in the old centre of the settlement of Malia is the result of successive interpolations to an original single-nave church, the present nave. During the late Venetian period, the church was expanded with the addition of the north and south aisles. The original church has good quality wall […]


Holy Spirit – Christ the Saviour at Limnakaro

Τhe twin-naved church, dedicated to the Transfiguration and the Holy Spirit, is located in the small plateau of Limnakaro close to the plateau of Lasithi at an ­elevation of 1130 metres. It is the only church of the Lasithi plateau with mural paintings of the Venetian period, a fact that is contrary to the sources […]


Evangelistria (Our Lady of Evangelisation) (Mochos)

This is a two-aisled arch-covered church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and to Saint Paraskevi. It was built in 1835 on the ruins of an older church. It stands out for its magnificent wood-carved chancel screen and its 15th and 16th century icons.


Agia Fotini (St. Photine) Avdou

The cave of Agia Fotini is located outside the village of Avdou. The entrance features a screen and a narrow corridor leads to the cave hall where the church of Agia Fotini is located. This cave served as a hideout for residents of the region during the Cretan Revolutions.


Saint Constantine at Avdou

Τhe barrel-vaulted, single-nave church of St. Constantine is located a kilometre to the west of the settlement of Avdou. It is a simple building with a high, pointed doorframe as entrance on its west side. The church has wall painting decoration in the ­interior which was completed in 1445 by the brothers, Manuel and John […]


Agios Georgios (St. George) (Avdou)

This is a single-space arch-covered church on the outskirts of Avdou, featuring 14th-15th century frescoes.


Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) (Avdou)

This is a 14th century single-space arch-covered church. Its sky-blue and red murals are unique on Crete, depicting greatly expressive Saints and scenes from the gospel.


Panagia i Evangelistria (Our Lady of Evangelisation) (Avdou)

The church of Evangelistria in Avdou was erected in the 14th century in the style of free cross with dome. It is one of the oldest mural-adorned churches in the village, with a more recent stone belfry with relief décor, built in 1912.


Afentis Christos (Christ our Lord) (Potamies)

This is a 15th century single-space arch-covered church situated near Gouverniotissa Monastery. The surviving murals are few in number but very impressive.


The Early Christian Basilicas of Kastri at Chersonesos

In the modern settlement of Limenas at Chersonesos, which has been built atop the ancient city of Cherronesos, three basilicas have been discovered, indicative of the great prosperity of the settlement also during the early Byzantine period when it was the seat of the homonymous ancient diocese. The most important of these, the basilica B, […]