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The church, dedicated to the Birth of the Theotokos, is located around two kilometres to the west of the settlement of Voulismeni at the place of Vigli. It was the catholicon of a, now entirely ruined, monastery which was active from 1594 and until the 18th ­century according to a written source. The church, completely restored today, belongs to the plan of the cross-vaulted and dates to around 1300. The single-lobed belfry and the brick course, with the triangles, on the eastern side date to its original phase. During the year 1605, according to the inscription on the door frame, it was restored at the expense of the nun Magdalene Strianopoula. The partially surviving wall ­painting decoration in the interior was executed by the same active work­­­shop of painters that had completed the second layer of the nave of the All-Holy Virgin ‘the Lady’ at Kritsa, of St. George the Kavousiotes, as well as other churches in the surrounding area. The iconographic programme ­includes well-known scenes from the Gospel cycle, with an ­emphasis on the cycle of the ­Passions, and scenes from the Marian cycle.