Archdiocese of Crete

The Church of Crete is an ApostolicEraChurch: the first Christian nucleus was formed here around 64 A.D. by St. Paul, during his 4th missionary journey. Paul assigned to his disciple Titus, who became the first Bishop of Crete, the systematic teaching of Christianity on the island. When Christianity expanded, the Cretan Church was organised with […]


Siva Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi)

This is a small Byzantine church with rare murals. The courtyard of the church still contains the village fountains, which date back to the 14th century.


Panayia Eleoussa (Mother Mary of Merci) – Kitharida

The Byzantine church situated just outside Kitharida may be one of the most interesting churches on Crete, architecturally speaking. It consists of three aisles, a narthex and three domes, one for each aisle. The church served as the catholicon for a monastery destroyed during the revolution of 1866.


Agios Myron (St. Myron)

The impressive church of St. Myron holds a conspicuous position at the west of the village named after it. The church was the seat of an Orthodox Diocese from the Early Byzantine era to the era of Venetian rule. It was initially an Early Christian basilica that was converted in the 11th-12th century into a […]


Sotiras (Afentis) Christos (Redeemer (Lord) Christ) (Yiouchtas)

The church of Christ the Redeemer is tetramartyros (with four dedications) and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ (August 6), the Holy Cincture (August 31), the Holy Apostles (30 June) and the Holy Unmercenaries (July 1). It was founded in 1443 and is the only remainder of the monastery that was in operation here […]


Agia Kyriaki (St. Kyriake) (Voritsi)

The church of St. Kyriake was built in 1901 by an ascetic named ‘Mose’, who lived in the cave located next to the church.  


Agios Minas (St. Menas) (Episkopi)

St. Menas is the patron saint of the Diocese of Heraklion. It is a two-aisled church erected in 1882, with its northern aisle dedicated to the Dormition of Mother Mary and its southern aisle to St. Menas. One of the most noteworthy elements of the church is its marble chancel screen.


Aghiou Petrou & Pavlou (St. Peter & St. Paul) Church

The church was built during the early era of Venetian rule next to the sea wall of the city and served as the Catholicon of the Monastery of the Dominican Order. In its initial form, it was a single-aised wooden-roofed church and four chapels were gradually added to it. Its architecture is particularly interesting, as […]


Agios Titos (St. Titus)

The church of St. Titus was the largest and most magnificent church in the city during the 2nd Byzantine era, serving as the Metropolis of the Diocese of Crete. During the era of Venetian rule, it served as the seat of the Latin Archbishop, while during the Ottoman era, it was converted into a mosque, […]


Panagia ton Stavroforon (Mother Mary of the Crusaders)

The Mother Mary of the Crusaders is part of a Latin monastery of the Crusaders (Crosecchieri), the remaining structures of which no longer survive. It is a three-aisled basilica with an elevated nave. It was destroyed by German bombs during the Battle of Crete in 1941 and was restored in 1956.