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The large number of churches within and without the settlement of Kavousi is evidence of its flourishing, mainly during the period of Venetian occupation. St. George, in the centre of the settlement, belongs to the architectural plan of the ­single-nave church with a transverse, tripartite narthex. It has two layers of wall painting decoration of the 14th and 15th centuries, of which the later one is the most ­extensively preserved in the main church and the central section of the narthex. The iconographic programme includes, apart from the usual Christological cycle, a compact Marian cycle and the cycle of St. George. The west wall and parts of the lateral walls are occupied by the large representation of the Second Coming with its miniature and particularly graphic figures of the damned in its lower part. From the remaining representations, Abba Zosimas with St. Mary of Egypt in the intrados of the north arch of the narthex as well as the western-style depiction of the All-Holy Virgin the Galaktotrofousa [Milk-giver] on the north wall close to the altar screen, are noteworthy.