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The Monastery of St. John the Baptist at Korakies has existed since the period of Venetian and used to be a convent.

The Catholicon, which is being restored, has two aisles and stands in the centre of the long monastery cloisters. The Church has been extended many times with changes that adulterated its original style. The oldest icon of the church is the Dormition of Mother Mary, a work from the 17th century, painted over [graffiti] in 1832.

Until the Liberation Revolution of 1821, there seems to have been numerous nuns living here. During the Revolution and following Ottoman raids, the nuns were slaughtered and the convent totally destroyed. The monastery was renovated after 1866 and contributed to the development of revolutionary movements to liberate Crete.

During the Cretan Independence period, it was one of the main pilgrimage destinations and monasteries on the island.
At the small museum and exhibition hall there is a display of works by the monks and holy heirlooms of the monastery.