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The church, dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul, is located in the south part of the settlement of Ano Moulia. It is a rare plan of a cross-vaulted church in which the cross arms of the transept end in conches while the prothesis and the diaconicon are formed with smaller conches the same thickness as the wall. The west barrel-vaulted part of the church constitutes a recent addition. From the scarcely surviving mural painting which is likely of the 13th century, the representation of the Burning Bush on the north conch of the transept should be noted. On the floor of the same conch is a shallow well spouting holy water, which is ­connected with the miraculous activity of the local new martyrs Apostolos, Demetrios and Zacharias who were ­martyred in 1867 and whose sacred relics are kept within the church.