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The single-nave church of St. Onoufrios is located to the north of the village of Voulismeni on a plateau at the top of a small hill. It may have been the catholicon of a monastery –abandoned today already from the beginning of the 20th century– without any known reference to it in the sources. The one-storey buildings of the complex are arranged around the church in the shape of an L, to its north and west. Externally the south side of the church is plastically structured with three arches that have brick arcades and frames with dentil course which constitute revivals of architectural motifs of the middle Byzantine period. The iconographic programme had the established representations of the Gospel cycle, among which can be discerned Palm Sunday, the Resurrection of Lazarus and the Washing of the Feet of the disciples by Christ at the Last Supper, while on the north wall a compact and, relatively rare, ­cycle of St. Onoufrios is developed. In one of these scenes the saint is depicted in company with a lion in the desert as is mentioned in his Life.