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Vossakos Monastery is located between the peaks of Koutsotrouli, Sofiani and Koufotos of Mount Kouloukonas. It belongs to the citadel style of architecture, being surrounded by walls, and is dedicated to the True Cross.

Its catholicon is a small, single-space structured built in the late 19th century, but its first catholicon, according to the inscription in the wall above its entrance, was built in either 1195 or 1629, the latter date being the most likely. In 1673, the impressive fountain to the west of the catholicon was built.

During the revolution of 1821, the Monastery was set on fire by the Ottomans, destroying the catholicon, the remaining buildings, the library and the archives, and 18 of its 20 monks were executed. Only its abbot, Melchizedek, and another monk survived and returned to the site, trying to rebuild it. The contribution of the Monastery to the revolution of 1866-1869 was significant, as it cared for women and children and took charitable actions.

In 1935, Vossakos Monastery was declared a landmark building, but it became deserted two decades later. After 1998, the Monastery was restored and began operating once more.