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Kantanos flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman times as well as during the first Byzantine period, when it seemed to have played an important role, since it was the See of the Bishop who attended the Council of Chalkedon (Synod of Chalki) in 451.

The long religious tradition of the territory is evidenced by traces of basilicas from the 5th-6th century scattered in the area and the large number of 13th -16th century churches, such as that of Mother Mary of Tzevremiana (Panagia sta Tzevremiana) with an inscription indicating the year 1450, and the churches of the Saviour (Soter) built on the ruins of a three-aisled basilica, of Saint Kyriaki in Labiriana, of St. George in Benudiana, of Mother Mary at Tzagaraliana (Panagia sta Tzagaraliana), of the Apostles (Agioi Apostoloi) at Koufaloto, of Archangel Michael in Kavalariana, of Saint Anna, of Mother Mary, of Saint Paraskevi and of St. George in Anisaraki, of Prophet Elijah and St. John at Trachiniakos, of Mother Mary at Skoudiana, of Archangel Michael at Chasiana, of Saint Paraskevi at Hellenica and of St.Athanassius in Trigono.