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A twin-naved church was added to the south side of the single-nave church of the All-Holy Virgin, in the middle of the settlement, during the 1950s. The wall ­painting decoration of the old aisle, of the 14th century, has scenes from the Christological and Marian cycles with the scene of the Second Coming occupying the entire west wall. The representations of Christ on the south wall and of the All-Holy ­Virgin Vrefokratousa [‘holding the Child’] on the north, next to the altar screen, have the place of pilgrimage icons. The floor of the church made from hexagonal limestone tiles, which date to the Venetian period, as well as the series of glazed bowls on the exterior side of the south wall, are of interest. The wood-carved altar screen of the church has noteworthy icons, among which are ­distinguished the All-Holy Virgin the Vrefokratous of the second half of the 14th century, which is honoured as a miracle-working icon, as well as the icons of the Dragon-slayer St. George and the Crucifixion of the 15th century.