Agios Nikitas (St. Nicetas) (Achentrias)

The holy pilgrimage of Agios Nikitas, located on the eastern side of the Asteroussia mountain range, near a small palm forest, is a cavernous church dedicated to Saint Nicetas that dates back to the 17th century. Agios Nikitas, where few murals survive, was initially a hermitage for the monks of Koudoumas Monastery. Subsequently, from 1948 […]


Agia Marina (St. Marina) Convent (1901)

Agia Marina Convent was built in 1901 at the site of a small old chapel where, according to tradition, there was a miraculous spring. On the feast day of Saint Marina (July 17), an enormous celebration is held, with numerous worshippers arriving on foot from remote locations throughout Crete.