Holy Monastery of Kroustallenia

The foundation of the monastery of Kroustallenia on the eastern side of the Plateau of Lasithi dates to the late Venetian period even though its early history remains ­unknown. During the Ottoman period it was an important religious and devotional centre of the area while it ­maintained a primary school until the first decades of […]


Holy Monastery of Kera – Kardiotissa

The foundation and the history of the monastery, the first mention of which dates to 1333 is inextricably linked to the wonderworking icon of the All-Holy Virgin the Kardiotissa [the type of icon where the Virgin holds Christ in her arms above her heart], which according to tradition was painted by St. Lazaros, a monk […]


Church of Agios Antonios (Koutsouras)

The murals of this tiny arch-covered church have not been preserved well. Among the images that remain visible are scenes from the Christological cycle, the images of saints and a rare depiction of the Virgin Mary presenting Christ to John the Baptist as a pupil.


All – Holy Virgin at Lithines

A twin-naved church was added to the south side of the single-nave church of the All-Holy Virgin, in the middle of the settlement, during the 1950s. The wall ­painting decoration of the old aisle, of the 14th century, has scenes from the Christological and Marian cycles with the scene of the Second Coming occupying the […]


Agia Ekaterini and Genessio tis Theotokou (St. Catherine & Nativity of Mary) (Armenoi)

The church of Saint Catherine is located in the abandoned village of Etia, close to the impressive Venetian mansion Dei Mezzo. It is a two-aisled church dedicated to Saint Catherine and the Virgin Mary. The original aisle was adorned with murals. The church’s architecture and sophisticated decorative elements betray Renaissance influence, and its relief-decorated belfry […]


Church of Panagia Eleousa (Our Lady of Mercy) and Agios Haralampos (St. Charalampus) (Papayiannades)

This is actually a complex comprising two churches that have been joined into one. The church of the Virgin Mary was built first, and was later joined to the church of Saint Charalampus, to its south, with a transverse arch. Notable murals, dating back to 1363, still survive in the church of the Virgin Mary.


Agias Triados and Panagias (Holy Trinity & Mother Mary) Church (Sfaka)

This two-aisled church bears the date “2 March 1643”. The ornate wood-carved chancel screens of its two aisles were crafted during 1845 – 1849.


All – Holy Virgin the Mesochoritissa [‘of the Middle Land’] at Malles

The single-nave church of the All-Holy Virgin, in the centre of the settlement, was ­expanded to the west during a second phase. The two construction phases ­correspond also to the two layers of wall painting decoration that adorn its interior. The older, in the east and central sections, dates to the early 14th century, a […]


Panagia Keragrammeni (Our Lady Inscribed) (Kapistri)

This small, single-space arch-covered church is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary and is extensively decorated with 15th century murals. Despite not being particularly well preserved, the murals are rather impressive and of excellent quality. The depictions of the Virgin and Child and of Jesus Christ stand out amongst them.


Glebe of Kera Eleoussa (Our Lady of Mercy)

Kera Eleoussa Monastery is located on a hill near Voritsi village and is a glebe of Agarathos Monastery. It was built in 1606 in the classical citadel architectural style. The catholicon is built on the ruins of an older church and contains two monks’ tombs. According to tradition, the monastery contained a miraculous icon of […]