Siva Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi)

This is a small Byzantine church with rare murals. The courtyard of the church still contains the village fountains, which date back to the 14th century.


Evangelistria (Our Lady of Evangelisation) (Mochos)

This is a two-aisled arch-covered church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and to Saint Paraskevi. It was built in 1835 on the ruins of an older church. It stands out for its magnificent wood-carved chancel screen and its 15th and 16th century icons.


Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi) (Ziros)

This is possibly the oldest church in the hamlet of Ziros. It is adorned with murals and dates back to 1523.


Koimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of Mother Mary) (Kyrianna)

The Byzantine church of the Dormition of Mother Mary is located at the centre of Kyrianna. It is an arch-covered cruciform domed church with a large narthex, dating back to the 11th century. During the early years of the era of Ventian rule, the church was expanded to the west, where doors were added with […]


Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi) (Melambes)

A small 14th century basilica with murals painted in two phases. A huge plane tree shades the church and there is a fountain in the yard. A large annual festival is held here on July 16.


Churches at Kantanos

Kantanos flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman times as well as during the first Byzantine period, when it seemed to have played an important role, since it was the See of the Bishop who attended the Council of Chalkedon (Synod of Chalki) in 451. The long religious tradition of the territory is evidenced by traces […]