Church of Agii Anargyri

A small three-aisled church, dedicated to the Early Christian martyrs and Saints Cosmas and Damian, as well as to Saint Artemios and Saint Charalampos. It is located in the Agii Anargyri quarter. It is not known when the church was built, however it is believed that it dates back to the Venetian period (13th century). […]


Agarathos Monastery

Agarathos Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries on Crete (founded during the 2nd Byzantine era), is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the 16th century, the monastery started being fortified and taking on the form of a citadel. During the era of Venetian rule, it was an important seminary for clergymen. During the era of […]


Holy Monastery of Kera – Kardiotissa

The foundation and the history of the monastery, the first mention of which dates to 1333 is inextricably linked to the wonderworking icon of the All-Holy Virgin the Kardiotissa [the type of icon where the Virgin holds Christ in her arms above her heart], which according to tradition was painted by St. Lazaros, a monk […]


Holy Monastery of Gouverniotissa at Potamies

The All-Holy Virgin Gouverniotissa [the ‘Mistress/Governor’], located a little ­before the settlement of Potamies, was founded in the early Venetian period and belonged to the feud of Laurentius Malipetri during the 14th century. Sections of the cells, mainly of the 19th century, from the presently dissolved monastery are preserved, as well as the catholicon of […]


The Church of St. George at Kavousi

The large number of churches within and without the settlement of Kavousi is evidence of its flourishing, mainly during the period of Venetian occupation. St. George, in the centre of the settlement, belongs to the architectural plan of the ­single-nave church with a transverse, tripartite narthex. It has two layers of wall painting decoration of […]


Church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) (Ierapetra)

The arch-covered church of Saint Nicholas was built during the Venetian era, possibly in 1630. The noteworthy 18th-century icon of the Holy Trinity, signed by the painter Georgios Kastrofilakas, is kept in this church.


Ecclesiastical Collection of all – Saints at Anatoli

The twin-naved church of All-Saints, which was erected in 1873, is located on the south side of the settlement of Anatoli and in a location with a panoramic view of the plain. A series of three columns divides the two aisles whose roof forms four saucer domes above each one. The collection of ecclesiastical artefacts […]


Holy Monastery of Exakousti

The Monastery of Exakousti [‘the Renowned’] is located in the northwest part of the province of Ierapetra between the settlements of Anatoli and Malles. Compared with other monasteries in the vicinity, such as the All-Holy Virgin of Armos at Malles and the All-Holy Virgin the Karydiani [‘of the Walnuts’] at Mythoi, it is a relatively […]


Holy Monastery of Toplou

The monastery of Toplou or the Akrotiriani [All-Holy Virgin of the Cape], as it is called due to its position in the eastern corner of Crete, is one of the most renowned and important monasteries of the island. Its establishment probably dates to the late 14th century, a period during which the original catholicon was […]