Michael the Archangel at Lakonia

The single-nave, externally simple, church of Michael the Archangel, in the south ­outskirts of the settlement of Lakonia, has in its interior one of the best preserved wall painting compositions of the 15th century in Crete, painted in 1431/32. The ­iconographic programme in the main church includes only five scenes from the Gospel cycle as […]


Church of Michail Archangelos (Archangel Michael) (Arkalochori)

The Byzantine cross-vaulted church dedicated to the Archangel Michael is located in the cemetery of Arkalochori. The church contains 14th and 15th century murals from the Cretan school of hagiography.


Michail Archangelos (Archangel Michael) (Axos)

A Byzantine two-aisled church located at the centre of the village. One of its aisles is bigger than the other and dates back to the 15th century. A medieval fountain has survived outside the church.


Early Christian Basilica (Eleftherna)

Recent excavations at Pyrgi brought to light a three-aisled Early Christian Basilica built in Ancient Eleftherna. The three aisled and the narthex have been fully revealed, while the mosaic floors with geometrical shapes and plant décor are visible. The walls of the basilica and the pillars supporting the interior arcades were decorated with tiles placed […]


Early Christian Basilica (Frangokastelo)

The ruins of a two-aisled, 6th century basilica with a narthex, dedicated to St. Charalampus and St. John the Divine (Theologos). On the site of the sanctum of this early Christian basilica, a church dedicated to Archangel Michael – whom the Sfakia residents call Astratigos, a corruption of the name Archistratigos, i.e. Commander- in- chief […]


Churches at Kakodiki

In this hamlet, which has probably existed since the 14th century, there is a church dedicated to Archangel Michael with mural icons and an inscription dating from 1420 and a church dedicated to Saint Isidore, near the neighbouring hamlet of Tzeneliana, again with mural decorations dating back to 1420.


Churches at Kantanos

Kantanos flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman times as well as during the first Byzantine period, when it seemed to have played an important role, since it was the See of the Bishop who attended the Council of Chalkedon (Synod of Chalki) in 451. The long religious tradition of the territory is evidenced by traces […]


The Church of Archangel Michael (Michail Archangelos) (Episcope)

This early Christian church dating from the second half of the 6th century, situated outside Kato Episcope, near Kissamos, is one of the most important monuments of Crete from the early Christian period. The church is of great value, from both an architectural and an icon painting perspective. Architecturally, it is a periaptic (pericentric) rectangular […]