Agios Georgios (St. George) (Armenoi)

A single-space arch-covered church, Saint George was subsequently expanded with a narthex. The church was likely built during the late Byzantine era. Its murals date back to the 14th and 15th centuries and depict scenes from the Christological cycle.


Agios Georgios (St. George) (Piskokefalo)

Construction of this single-space arch-covered church was completed in 1862; the belfry is a later addition. This church differs from others in that it features a Π-shaped wooden gallery that can be accessed via a staircase on the building’s exterior.


Saint George at Apano Symi

St. George is located at the entrance of the deserted settlement of Apano [Upper] Symi, and a little outside the settlement of Kato [Lower] Symi of Viannos. The ­architectural plan of the church is the result of the addition of a spacious transept to the original, single-nave church, which is not far in date from […]


Saint George at Meseleroi

The single-nave church of St. George is located at the centre of the settlement of Meseleroi. Its wall painting decoration dates to around 1300 and is partially preserved. The large representation of the Ascension develops on the east section of the barrel-vault, while on the west, are a few ­re­presentations from the cycle of the […]


Saint Marina at Meseleroi

The single-nave church of St. Marina, whose south side is formed with a large buttress, is located on the east corner of the settlement of Meseleroi. It is dated according to the wall painting decoration, the work of an anonymous but excellent painter, to the first quarter of the 14th century. Its iconographic programme presents […]


All – Holy Virgin the Mesochoritissa [‘of the Middle Land’] at Malles

The single-nave church of the All-Holy Virgin, in the centre of the settlement, was ­expanded to the west during a second phase. The two construction phases ­correspond also to the two layers of wall painting decoration that adorn its interior. The older, in the east and central sections, dates to the early 14th century, a […]


Panagia Keragrammeni (Our Lady Inscribed) (Kapistri)

This small, single-space arch-covered church is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary and is extensively decorated with 15th century murals. Despite not being particularly well preserved, the murals are rather impressive and of excellent quality. The depictions of the Virgin and Child and of Jesus Christ stand out amongst them.


Agios Mamas (Saint Mammes) (Kapistri)

Originally a small arch-covered church, it was later extended with additions to its western side. Its murals of excellent technique have not been preserved well. Also impressive are the full-body depictions of saints and that of Saint George on his mount.


Kato Ai Giorgis (Lower St. George) (Kapistri)

This is a 14th century stone-built Byzantine church with unique murals. Although it was originally built in the classic arch-covered style, a transverse narthex was added at a later date, forming a “T” shape with the main part of the church. Its exceptional surviving murals portray the Birth, the Baptism and the Presentation at the […]


Pente Parthenes (Holy Five Virgins) Church (Argyropoulis)

The tombs of the Holy Five Virgins, who were martyred in 205 AD, are located in a cave northwest of Argyropoulis. A single-space arch-covered church dedicated to the Five Virgins was built on top of these tombs.