Agiofaraggo of the Holy Monastery of Odegetria

The Agiofaraggo [Holy Gorge] is found within the boundaries, and belongs to, the Monastery of Odegetria. Within the surrounding area, which followed the apostolic tradition of the Church of the Gortynians, with the beneficial morphology of the land and a mild climate, the Agiofaraggo thrived as a place where Christian monasticism developed, particularly in its […]


Agiou Ioanni tou Erimiti (St. John the Hermit) Monastery (Catholicon)

The visit to Guverneto offers travellers the opportunity to view two interesting Christian monuments in the area. North of the monastery a stony downhill path leads to the Cave of Arkoudiotissa (Bear Lady). The name comes from a stalagmite in the form of a bear and within the cave traces of Goddess Artemis [Diana] worship […]


Panagia Faneromeni (Our Lady Revealed) Monastery

Built just inside Agioi Pantes (All Saints) Canyon on Cape Trachilas, the monastery has exquisite views of the sea. Particularly noteworthy are the caves that riddle the canyon and which were once used by the monastery’s hermits. The monastery was founded in the 13th century and was renovated in 1620. Between 1870 and 1901 it […]


St. John’s Cave (Spileo Agiou Ioanni) (Azogyre)

The Byzantine hamlet, where traces from the Hellenistic and Roman periods have been found, is associated with St. John the Hermit, one of the Fathers who lived like a hermit in the cave of the hamlet.


The Cave of St. John the Hermit (Spileo Agiou Ioanni tou Erimiti) (Marathokefala)

The Cave of St. John the Hermit is situated near Marathokefala, a little higher than the bed of Avlaki gorge. It is richly decorated with numerous stalactites and stalagmites. This is where St. John the Hermit, the founder of the Catholicon Monastery lived for three years. He led an ascetic life in the nude for […]