Saint John the Theologian at Lakkoi

The small church of St. John is located inside the settlement of Lakkoi, abandoned decades ago, to the northeast of Krousta. The church, which had been built in place of an older, larger church, was decorated in 1347/48 by the lord John Klontzias, as the dedicatory inscription on the west wall informs us. The iconographic […]


Agios Ioannis Theologos (St. John the Divine) (Limnes)

The single-space arch-covered church of Agios Ioannis dates back to 1310. Of its surviving murals, the majority cover the story of the Crucifixion and the Ascension.


Saint George at Voila

The twin-naved church, dedicated to St. George and to St. John is located southeast of the settlement of Chandras and next to the ruined settlement of Voilas which is dominated by the magnificent medieval tower. The architectural type of the church has emerged as a result of the successive interpolations to the original, single-nave church, […]


Saint John the Theologian at Mesa Mouliana

The original three-aisled church, dedicated to St. John, the All-Holy Virgin and the Holy Trinity is the result of three successive interpolations to a single-nave, domed church of the middle Byzantine period. The church was expanded in the period of Venetian occupation with the addition of the south aisle, dedicated today to St. Charalambos. The […]


Church of Koimisi tis Theotokou & Agios Ioannis o Theologos (Dormition of Mother Mary & St. John the Divine) (Kavoussi)

This grand two-aisled church was built in 1847 and served as village cathedral until 1962. It was renovated in 2002. Its three-lobed belfry and gilded chancel screen with its 19th century icons are noteworthy. The church is home to a collection of 17th-19th century icons, most noteworthy of which is an early 17th century depiction […]


Early Christian Basilica (Frangokastelo)

The ruins of a two-aisled, 6th century basilica with a narthex, dedicated to St. Charalampus and St. John the Divine (Theologos). On the site of the sanctum of this early Christian basilica, a church dedicated to Archangel Michael – whom the Sfakia residents call Astratigos, a corruption of the name Archistratigos, i.e. Commander- in- chief […]


Agios Ioannis Theologos (St. John the Divine) (Kissos)

A one-aisled, tile covered church without windows, possibly erected in the 14th century. The church is covered by two layers of murals preserved in very good condition and the wooden iconostasis was made in 1935.


Agios Ioannis o Theologos (St. John the Divine) (Gerakari)

A little outside Gerakari, at ‘Photis’ location, there is a Church of St. John; it is one-aisled and tile-roofed and was built in the 12th or the13th century. A narthex with a cupola was added to the only aisle. The murals are well-preserved and they date back to the 13th century.


Church of the Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) & Agios Ioannis Theologos (St. John the Divine) (Pantanassa)

A two-aisled church; according to its inscription, it was built in 1645 by Priest Manolis Vlastos. There are special Gothic-style doors and a domed tomb dating from 1594.


Preveli Monastery

The famous monastery of Prevelis, overlooking the Libyan Sea, is composed off two building complexes, the ‘Back’ (Piso) and the ‘Low’ (Kato) Monastery, with a distance of 2 kilometres between them. There are numerous legends associated with the establishment of the monastery, dating back to the Venetian rule period, like most Cretan monasteries. At that […]