Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary

The church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary (Evangelistria) is the largest in the city of Chania. Its building began in 1908 and was completed thanks to a fundraiser which was conducted in Orthodox communities abroad. It is a cruciform church with a dome, and it was inaugurated in 1923.


Agios Myron (St. Myron)

The impressive church of St. Myron holds a conspicuous position at the west of the village named after it. The church was the seat of an Orthodox Diocese from the Early Byzantine era to the era of Venetian rule. It was initially an Early Christian basilica that was converted in the 11th-12th century into a […]


Metropolitan Church of Agios Minas (St. Menas)

The big church of St. Menas, to the northeast of the small one, was built between 1862–1895 by a practical architect from Epirus, Athanasios Mousis, with frequent contributions of the monasteries and donations from ­hundreds of Christians, as can be noted from the church’s manuscript books of donations. It is an eclectic monument whose architectural […]


Panagia i Evangelistria (Our Lady of Evangelisation) (Avdou)

The church of Evangelistria in Avdou was erected in the 14th century in the style of free cross with dome. It is one of the oldest mural-adorned churches in the village, with a more recent stone belfry with relief décor, built in 1912.


All – Holy Virgin Koumbelina at Choumeriako

The church of the All-Holy Virgin the Koumbelina or Koumbelidiki (meaning ‘having a dome’) is built according to the architectural plan of the simple cross-in-square church. A wide barrel-vaulted, transverse narthex was added to the west later. Remains of an arch on the west of the north façade indicate that a barrel-vaulted narthex existed in […]


The Early Christian Monuments of Agios Titos at Gortyna

The city of Gortyna, the capital of the Roman province of Cyrenaica (Africa) and seat of the governor of Crete from the 4th century AD was subject to the eastern Roman state and was a thriving city and seat of the archdiocese during the early Byzantine period. Indicative of its prosperity, during the early Christian […]


Holy Monastery of Gouverniotissa at Potamies

The All-Holy Virgin Gouverniotissa [the ‘Mistress/Governor’], located a little ­before the settlement of Potamies, was founded in the early Venetian period and belonged to the feud of Laurentius Malipetri during the 14th century. Sections of the cells, mainly of the 19th century, from the presently dissolved monastery are preserved, as well as the catholicon of […]


Agia Irini (St. Irene) (Axos)

The church of Saint Irene is a 14th century single-space arch-covered cruciform church that later acquired a dome. Few of its murals survive.


Agios Ioannis (St. John) (Episkopi)

The Byzantine basilica of Saint John in Episkopi was likely built on the ruins of an Early Christian Basilica. It is a wooden-roofed, three-aisled basilica that was built in the domed cruciform style after being destroyed in 1303. The surviving murals date back to the 14th century.


Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius) (Agios Dimitrios)

The village was named after the Byzantine church of Saint Demetrius located in its northwest district. It is a cross-in-square domed church dating back to the 11th century and its stand-out features are its tall arches, arced openings and blind arches in its dome. The mural of Saint Tryfonas stands out among the surviving murals.