Aghiou Petrou & Pavlou (St. Peter & St. Paul) Church

The church was built during the early era of Venetian rule next to the sea wall of the city and served as the Catholicon of the Monastery of the Dominican Order. In its initial form, it was a single-aised wooden-roofed church and four chapels were gradually added to it. Its architecture is particularly interesting, as […]


Panagia ton Angelon (Mother Mary of the Angels) (Fradio)

At the location of the presently-deserted village of Fradio, a Catholic Franciscan Monastery was founded, possibly in the 15th century. It is one of the very few Catholic monasteries in rural Crete. Of the monastery’s buildings, only the single-aisled church dedicated to the Virgin Mary survives. The church has several interesting architectural details with Gothic […]


Panagia (Mother Mary) at Kirmousi

The church of Panagia survives south of the hamlet of Makres, in the completely deserted hamlet of Kirmousi. This is a 15th century single-aisled church, beside which traces of buildings and tombs have been excavating, findings that indicate the existence of a monastery.


Church of Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) (Mirtos)

Dedicated to Saint Anthony and to the Ascension of Christ, this single-aisled church was likely built in the late 14th century. It was later destroyed and subsequently rebuilt in 1853. Ancient pieces of marble, parts of statues and column bases can be seen in sections of its western wall and in its altar.


Holy Monastery of Exakousti

The Monastery of Exakousti [‘the Renowned’] is located in the northwest part of the province of Ierapetra between the settlements of Anatoli and Malles. Compared with other monasteries in the vicinity, such as the All-Holy Virgin of Armos at Malles and the All-Holy Virgin the Karydiani [‘of the Walnuts’] at Mythoi, it is a relatively […]