Agios Georgios (St. George) (Piskokefalo)

Construction of this single-space arch-covered church was completed in 1862; the belfry is a later addition. This church differs from others in that it features a Π-shaped wooden gallery that can be accessed via a staircase on the building’s exterior.


Agia Ekaterini (St. Catherine) (Siteia)

Even though the church dedicated to Saint Catherine appears to be relatively new—since it was rebuilt in the early 19th century—we can confidently identify its location as the site of the earlier Santa Caterina church of the Augustinians. Its first belfry, on its south-western side, was constructed in 1938. The Bema was expanded with two […]


Panagia (Mother Mary) Church (Roustika)

A two-aisled Byzantine church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Christ the Redeemer. It was erected in 1381 and the murals of the older aisle, which date back to the 1391, depict scenes from the Betrayal, hell and Saints. The belfry dates back to 1627.


Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) Monastery

Profitis Ilias Monastery is located on rocky, elevated terrain near the village Roustika. The monastery was built during the era of Venetian rule and belongs to the citadel style of architecture, with its catholicon being a three-aisled domed basilica dedicated to the Prophet Eli, the Holy Trinity and the Holy Cincture. The catholicon contains a […]


Metamorphosis tou Sotiros (Transfiguration of the Redeemer) Church (Myrthios)

This is a truly old church, built before 961. The bell tower was erected much later, in 1589, during Venetian rule. The mural paintings that stand out are the scenes of Hell and the icon of St. Charalampus.