Church of Agii Anargyri

A small three-aisled church, dedicated to the Early Christian martyrs and Saints Cosmas and Damian, as well as to Saint Artemios and Saint Charalampos. It is located in the Agii Anargyri quarter. It is not known when the church was built, however it is believed that it dates back to the Venetian period (13th century). […]


Hodegetria (Our Lady of the Way) (Kritsa)

The 19th century two-aisled church is dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary and to Saint Charalampus. The church is unique in that it combines elements of Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman architecture. It is home to numerous portable icons, chief among them being that of Panagia Galaktotrofoussa (Virgin Mary Nursing the Baby Jesus).


Church of Agios Haralampos & Panagia (St. Charalampus & Mother Mary) (Paliama)

North of the village of Moroni, at the ruins of the small village of Paliama, there is a two-aisled church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Charalampus, featuring ancient architectural elements in its masonry.  


Ten Saints at Agioi Deka

In the centre of the settlement of Agioi Deka is a large three-aisled basilica with a narthex and two domed outbuildings to the east, dedicated to the homonymous saints. The church, which has multiple construction phases, was erected inside the Roman amphitheatre of ancient Gortyna where the saints were martyred in AD 250 during the […]


Church of Panagia Eleousa (Our Lady of Mercy) and Agios Haralampos (St. Charalampus) (Papayiannades)

This is actually a complex comprising two churches that have been joined into one. The church of the Virgin Mary was built first, and was later joined to the church of Saint Charalampus, to its south, with a transverse arch. Notable murals, dating back to 1363, still survive in the church of the Virgin Mary.


Early Christian Basilica (Frangokastelo)

The ruins of a two-aisled, 6th century basilica with a narthex, dedicated to St. Charalampus and St. John the Divine (Theologos). On the site of the sanctum of this early Christian basilica, a church dedicated to Archangel Michael – whom the Sfakia residents call Astratigos, a corruption of the name Archistratigos, i.e. Commander- in- chief […]


Agios Haralampos & Agios Theodoros (St. Charalampus & St. Theodore) (Spili)

A two-aisled church dedicated to St. Charalampus and St. Theodore, the oldest aisle dedicated to the latter. Unfortunately, only the sanctum murals have been preserved; however, the wonderful wood-carved iconostasis includes 19th century icons with typical features of the Cretan School. The church also has an impressive bell tower with baroque elements.


The church of Agios Georgios (St. George) & Agios Haralampos (St. Charalampus) (Therissos)

This is a two aisled Byzantine church with an arched roof, dedicated to St. George and St. Charalampus. Its wall decorations are not very well preserved.


Church of Metamorfosi Sotiros & Agios Haralampos (Transfiguration of the Redeemer & St. Charalampus) (Ierapetra)

Most likely built between 1150 and 1160, this is the city’s oldest church. It was originally a single-space arch-covered church, but a second aisle, dedicated to Saint Charalampus, was added in the early 17th century. The two-dome narthex is a more recent addition. Its unique wood-carved chancel screen features icons by the famed painter Kastrofilakas, […]


Church of Agios Georgios and Agios Haralampos (St. George & St. Charalampus) (Episkopi)

The church of Saint George and Saint Charalampus is one of the most important religious monuments in the region of Ierapetra. The 11th century Byzantine bathhouse that originally stood on the site was converted into a church, possibly during the 16th century. Byzantine bathhouses and churches shared many architectural elements, and, as a result, abandoned […]